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Farewell Gift Ideas for Friends Who are Moving

Is your friend moving away, and you're searching for the best gift to give your friend?

Goodbyes are tough, but finding the perfect farewell gift doesn't have to be tough.

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It's 2022 when tattoos and tarot are the new friendship bracelets. So whether they're your best friend, ride-or-die, bestie, BFF — whatever you call them. We have lined up some goodbye gifts that any friend moving away will love.


4 Rad Farewell Gifts for a Friend Moving Away

Friendship Tarot Spread

You and your BFF should do one last tarot reading together before they move away.

a deck of tarot cards
Source: Adam J. Kurtz

Getting a tarot reading as a gift for them before moving is an excellent reflection time. Your best friend can learn and gain insight about the things you've done, your path, and how to proceed in moving forward.

After reading, you can give them a Tarot spread of their own. We love this OK Tarot Deck because it's not only super cute but also comes with an interpretation starter booklet — which is key.

Friendship Video

Have all your friends say goodbye together in a friendship video. Creating a friendship video for your friend moving away is fast, simple, and incredibly heartfelt. You can gather all your close friends and family to make a friendship video saying bon voyage, good luck, and we'll miss you!

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Surprise them with a souvenir they can hold dear whenever they need to be reminded of home. Surprise them with a VidDay farewell group video with a gift card.

A farewell video is a gift that will allow them to see how much they'll be missed and how many great people they have in their life. If you're stuck on what to say in the farewell video for your friend, then check out these tips on what to say in a farewell video.

Friendship Ring

A friendship ring is an upgraded version of a friendship bracelet. Choosing a ring to give to your friend who is moving away can be tricky. But, this is why you should go together and pick out something that will be a wonderful reminder of each other and your friendship, no matter how many miles away they are moving.

two hands with rings on them
Source: Claus Jewelry

The friendship ring ties you both together, no matter how far apart. It also can represent how much fun you have together and how you lift each other when life drags you down.

Getting your friend who is moving away a friendship ring is a beautiful gift. Check out some of the rings at Claus Jewelry.

Friendship Tattoos for Guys

Is there a more permanent way to keep your friendship bonded and tight than a friendship tattoo? Friendship tattoos for guys create a strong brotherhood between you and your friend who is moving. It's sort of a new blood brothers tradition.

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A friendship tattoo isn't just a piece of art. A friendship tattoo is something that you both choose together. A tattoo is something that unites and bonds you both together as friends no matter where in the world you are.

With so many designs out there, it can be overwhelming to choose. Just make sure you choose something that has a significant meaning for you and your friend moving away.


Make a Video to Say Farewell to Your Friend

A friend is there for us in every step of our lives. And we share all our happiness and sorrow with them. Bidding farewell to a close friend is one of the most challenging moments in our lives.

So if you have a friend who is leaving or moving away, let them know how much your friendship means to you and how much you will miss your companion! Send your best friend a farewell video message. Check out our idea generator on what to say in a friendship farewell video.

“Made a video as a gift for my friend, it was so easy to use, and I appreciated having 3 free previews to get the video just right… I loved the experience, and the gift was so well received. Will use it again for sure.” — Kim Bideau

Make a friendship farewell video online with an easy drag-and-drop interface and fun friendship video background. Plus, no video-making experience is required. Read this article to learn more about creating the ultimate friendship video.

👋 Get Inspired! Try this new Farewell Wishes AI Generator >

Saying farewell to your friend is a bittersweet occasion. Still, with VidDay, you can make it a proper send-off by saying your goodbyes in a memorable video tribute they'll cherish forever.


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