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The Best Alternative To "Name A Star After Someone" Gift

Naming a star after your friend is a nice gesture, but the truth is that nobody is authorized to sell stars. This make-believe idea makes for a fun gift, but the International Astronomical Union doesn't recognize these names.

Someone watching their vidday in space

"Houston...we have a problem solution."

Here's Another Idea That Is Out of This World

Instead of naming a star, you can make them the star of an epic surprise video. We suggest rallying friends and family into one memorable video to give as an unforgettable gift.

Imagine all the people they love coming together into one video made, just for them. Invite family and friends from far and wide to send a video message sharing their love and warm wishes. These video clips get compiled in a surprise video with music and photos.

It's easy to do with our web app VidDay - The Video Gift Maker.

No app download or editing skills required VidDay makes the video for you.

VidDay offers a magical way to bring people from all across the world to celebrate and commemorate one individual by creating a beautiful timepiece that the recipient can enjoy forever.

This personalized video looks like it takes light years to create, but in reality, it's quick. Plus, it's affordable!

It's incredible to see people with who you've crossed paths, from old to new, come together into a video montage wishing you the best. You can place your video message at the end of the video montage and let them know how much they mean to you. A custom video montage from friends and family can very well be the best gift in the universe.

So Shoot for the Stars!

Show your love and appreciation with a surprise video montage compiled of friends and family sending their good cheers and warm wishes. You can get started on a surprise video gift for any occasion here.

Watch a surprise video gift example here:

VidDay's online video maker is making people cry tears of joy worldwide with its collaborative video service that delivers a fantastic group gifting experience. It's a great alternative to naming a star gift.

If you need help to make a video, feel free to contact us. We can be your north star. You can reach us by email at [email protected] or find out more information here.

Thanks for reading, and remember, friends, we're all made of stars.


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