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How to Make a Thank You Coach Video as a Gift

Creating a thank-you video for your coach is a meaningful way to show appreciation and celebrate their dedication.

how to make a thank-you coach video

Here’s how to make an impactful thank-you video, along with tips, tricks, and reasons why it’s a great idea.

A video montage allows you to compile heartfelt messages, memorable moments, and creative touches to honor their contribution.

How to Make a Thank You Video for Your Coach

Using the VidDay group video maker is an absolute breeze, even for those who aren't tech-savvy.

Step-by-step guide to make a thank you video for a coach

Step 1: Set Up Your Event

Quick Setup: Create your VidDay event in seconds to invite contributors. Send invitations to team members, parents, and anyone who wants to participate.

VidDay simplifies this process by allowing you to easily invite participants via SMS, email or social media.

Pro tip: Set a deadline for video submissions and use VidDay’s fun prompts to guide your invitees on what to include and how to film their messages.

Step 2: Collect Contributions

Simple Collection:  Easily gather and organize video messages from all participants in one place.

Each contributor can upload video clips directly to the platform, ensuring a smooth and organized collection process.

Collect videos and photos from your team for a thank you coach video
Automatically collect videos and photos from your team.

The flexibility of VidDay also allows contributors to record their messages on their smartphones or webcams, making it convenient for everyone involved.

Step 3: Personalize Your Video

Edit Effortlessly: Use VidDay’s tools to compile clips and easily add music and photos for a personal touch.

You can personalize the video with text cards and animated GIFs to add a touch of creativity and flair. Experiment with video themes and background music that resonate with your coach's personality or the team's journey.

Video theme collection for thank you videos
Lots and lots of dynamic video themes to choose from.

Step 4: Publish and Share

Organize a Viewing: Imagine the pure joy and surprise on your coach's face when they receive a heartfelt video montage from the entire team.

Plan a special gathering or send the video privately — either way, you'll witness the sheer delight on your coach's face as they watch the heartfelt messages from each team member.

Share Digitally: Send the video via SMS or email for direct sharing.

Upload for Accessibility: You can easily upload the video to YouTube to reach a wider audience.

Thank You, Coach Video Example

Creative Ideas for Your Thank You Coach Video

Highlight Reel: Create a montage of the season’s best moments and achievements.

Personal Messages: Feature individual thank you notes from team members.

Fun Memories: Include bloopers and funny moments to show the lighter side of coaching.

Guest Appearances: Invite past team members or assistant coaches to express gratitude.

Quotes and Highlights: Use inspirational quotes and highlight reels to emphasize your coach’s impact.

Thank You Coach video showing on big screen TV
Cast your surprise video on the big screen.

Tips and Tricks for a Memorable Thank You Video

Be Authentic: Encourage participants to be genuine and speak from the heart.

Practice Gratitude: Remind contributors to mention how the coach has impacted them.

Variety of Clips: Mix short and long clips to maintain viewer interest.

Quality Matters: Ensure good lighting and sound quality for clear, professional-looking videos.

Engaging Music: Select background music that complements the tone and emotion of the video.

Why Create a Thank You Video for Your Coach?

A thank you video is a powerful way to show your coach how much their hard work and dedication mean to you.

Emotional Impact: A thank you video can elicit powerful emotions and make your coach feel valued.

Personal Connection: It allows team members to express gratitude and share unique memories.

Lasting Tribute: Videos can be cherished and rewatched, preserving the appreciation forever.

Kids having fun with their coach.


What makes a good thank you video for a coach?

A good thank you video is personal, heartfelt, and includes contributions from various team members, showcasing memorable moments and genuine gratitude.

How long should a thank you video be?

Aim for 5-15 minutes to keep it engaging and impactful without being too lengthy.

What tools can I use to make a thank you video?

Online tools like VidDay, iMovie, and Adobe Premiere Pro are great for collecting and editing video clips.

How can I ensure everyone participates in the video?

Set clear deadlines, provide easy-to-follow instructions, and remind participants regularly to submit their clips.

Can I include photos in the thank you video?

Yes, incorporating photos and video clips can add depth and visual interest to the video.

Should I add music to the thank you video?

Yes, adding background music can enhance the emotional impact and overall feel of the video.


VidDay Beyond Coaches: Celebrating Life's Milestones and Special Moments

While we focused on surprising coaches, is a versatile platform perfect for celebrating all other occasions.

VidDay makes it easy to create heartfelt video montages for any special person or event, from birthdays and anniversaries to retirements and graduations.

So, why settle for ordinary expressions of appreciation when you can create an extraordinary celebration that will leave a lasting impact?

Embrace the power of VidDay and embark on a heartfelt journey to thank your coach like never before.


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