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How To Add Video Messages To Gift Boxes

In the era of digital connectivity, adding a personal touch to your gifts has never been more important. Many online stores are revolutionizing their gifting experience by offering a unique feature: a gift box with a video message.

Gift box with video mesage

This innovation is made possible through the VideoGreet app, ensuring your gifts are memorable and heartfelt. This article will explain how to add video messages to gift boxes and all the benefits that come with it.

The Power of a Video Message

A video message can convey emotions and sentiments that written words often fail to express. Whether sending a birthday wish, celebrating a milestone, or expressing gratitude, a video message makes your gift box exceptionally personal and impactful.

Emotional Impact of Video Messages

Video messages capture facial expressions, tone, and nuances that text alone cannot convey. This personal touch can turn a simple gift into a cherished memory, making the recipient feel truly valued and connected to you.

gift box with video greeting

Examples of Occasions for Video Messages

  1. Birthdays: Share a heartfelt message that the recipient can revisit whenever they need a smile.

  2. Weddings: Send your blessings and love to the happy couple in a format they can treasure forever.

  3. Corporate Milestones: Congratulate employees or clients on significant achievements in a memorable way.

Benefits of a Gift Box with Video Message

Including a video message in your gift box offers numerous benefits that elevate the gift experience.

1. Personalization

A video message allows you to add a personal touch that a standard gift cannot provide. It makes the gift feel unique and specifically tailored to the recipient.

2. Emotional Connection

Video messages capture emotions in a way that text cannot. They allow you to express your feelings more vividly, creating a stronger emotional bond with the recipient.

3. Unique Unboxing Experience

Including a QR code that leads to a personal video adds an element of surprise and excitement to the unboxing experience, making it more memorable.

4. Memorable Keepsake

A video message can be saved and cherished for years, allowing the recipient to revisit your heartfelt words whenever they wish.

5. Versatility

Suitable for any occasion, video messages can be adapted to fit birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, and more, making them a versatile addition to any gift.

6. Ease of Use

Creating and adding a video message to your gift box is simple and user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free process.

7. Enhanced Thoughtfulness

Taking the time to record a personal message shows a level of thoughtfulness and care that enhances the overall value of the gift.

8. Supporting Local Businesses

Choosing a gift box that supports local artisans and sustainable practices adds more meaning to your gift.

9. Innovative Technology

Using QR codes to deliver video messages is a cutting-edge feature that combines traditional gifting with modern technology, appealing to tech-savvy recipients.

10. Positive Impact on Relationships

A personal video message can strengthen relationships by making the recipient feel appreciated and valued, strengthening personal and professional bonds.

benefits of adding a video message to a gift box

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shopify store button to video greet app

Seamless Integration with VideoGreet

Adding a video message to your gift box is easy through seamless integration with apps like VideoGreet.

For example, Shop Moi Ça has partnered with VideoGreet to provide an easy and seamless way to add a video message to your gift box.

Shop Moi Ça offers locally made gift boxes focusing on Canadian products. The site features a variety of themed gift boxes for occasions such as baby showers, teacher appreciation, corporate events, and wellness. They also offer customization options and fast delivery.

Shop Moi Ça now provides a unique feature: the ability to add a video-audio message to the gift. When you place an order, simply follow the steps to record your message.

The recipient will find a QR code inside the gift box, which they can scan to view your video. This innovative use of QR codes ensures that your message is easily accessible and adds surprise to the unboxing experience.

How It Works

  • Step 2: Select to include a video-audio message with your order.

  • Step 3: After checking out, the customer records their video message.

  • Step 4: A QR code linked to the video message is placed inside the gift box, ready for the recipient to scan.

gift box with video add-on by Shop Moi Ca


How do I add a video message to my gift box?

Follow the simple instructions provided by Shop Moi Ça after placing your order. You'll record your video message using the VideoGreet app, and it will be linked to a QR code placed inside your gift box.

Can I preview my video message before sending it?

Yes, the VideoGreet app lets you preview and re-record your message to ensure it's perfect before finalizing your order.

Is the video message feature available for all types of gift boxes?

Yes, the video message feature can be added to any gift box offered by Shop Moi Ça, making it a versatile option for all occasions.

Are the video messages secure and private?

Yes, the recipient can view the video message only with access to the QR code inside the gift box, ensuring your personal message remains private.

What kind of products are included in Shop Moi Ça gift boxes?

Shop Moi Ça gift boxes are filled with high-quality, locally sourced products from local artisans, emphasizing sustainability and unique craftsmanship.

How long will the video message be accessible?

If the QR code is kept intact, the video message will be accessible. The QR code has no expiration date, allowing the recipient to view the message anytime.


QR Code Gift Technology

QR codes provide a convenient way to link physical gifts with digital messages. They are easy to use and widely accessible, ensuring that your video message is just a scan away for the recipient.

add video message to corporate boxes

Perfect for Any Occasion

From baby showers and weddings to corporate gifts and holiday celebrations, a gift box with a video message is perfect for any occasion. This feature adds a layer of thoughtfulness that enhances the overall gifting experience.

Suitable Events for Video Message Gift Boxes

  1. Baby Showers: Share your excitement and best wishes with the expecting parents.

  2. Holidays: Send seasonal greetings that capture the warmth and joy of the festivities.

  3. Corporate Gifts: Stand out in the business world by adding a personal touch to your professional gifts.

Examples and Ideas

  • Mother’s Day: Record a message expressing your love and appreciation for your mom.

  • Graduations: Congratulate the graduate with a personalized message celebrating their hard work and achievements.

Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Here is what some satisfied customers have to say:

"The video message feature was a game-changer! My friend loved the personal touch." - Jane D.
"I sent a corporate gift with a video message, and it left a lasting impression on our clients." - Michael R.

Impact on Recipients

Customer feedback highlights the emotional and personal impact of including a video message in gift boxes. Recipients feel a deeper connection and appreciation, making the gift even more special.


Tips for Creating the Perfect Video Message

Be Genuine

Speak from the heart to make your message truly special. Authenticity resonates and makes the recipient feel genuinely appreciated.

Keep it Short

Aim for a minute or two; it's more engaging and easier for the recipient to watch and remember.

Plan Your Message

Before recording, consider what you want to say to ensure clarity and impact. A well-thought-out message conveys your sentiments more effectively.


Unlock The Power of Video Gift Messaging

Make your next gift unforgettable with a gift box with a video message. This innovative feature ensures your gifts are as personal and heartfelt as beautiful. Explore your options today to add a personal touch to your gifting experience.

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