August’s Monthly Dose of Goodness

Smile, it’s August! 😎

Yes, it’s true, already August! The month is full of sunshine, summer haze, and humid days.

We’ve put together some uplifting stories for a month full of goodness.

Ready? Here we go!

A dog giving puppy dog eyes

‘Puppy dog eyes’ are an evolutionary trait developed so dogs can better capture our hearts.

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth have been looking at the surprising science behind how dogs got their puppy dog eyes, and it turns out that it’s to communicate better with us humans! How cute is that!?

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Saplings growing

Volunteers in India do it again — planting 250 million saplings in a single day and seeing an 80% survival rate.

In Uttar Pradesh state, volunteers planted 250 million tree saplings in specially-designated geocodes to track survival rates. Can you believe that? In just one day, they’ve planted over a quarter of a million trees!

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An orangutan trying on a pair of sunglasses
Source: Lola Testu (@minorcrimes) via TikTok

Orangutan rocks sunglasses after tourist drops them in a zoo enclosure.

An orangutan at a zoo in Indonesia proved that apes are perhaps even closer to us than some might think. “The fact he knew what to do with them kinda scares me,” said the creator of the clip with over 40 million views — and 10 million comments — on TikTok.

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A man holding a white board showing the new powerful paint
Source: Prudue University / Jared Pike

New white paint is more powerful than air conditioning.

Scientists have developed a paint that reflects 98 percent of sunlight, making it more effective than some air conditioning units. Its energy-saving credentials could help tackle the climate crisis. How cool is that!?

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