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6 Fun Baby Shower Activity Ideas

Stuck on what to do for someone's baby shower? Well, look no further. We have some games and Baby Shower activities for mom-to-be that are easy to set up, fun to play, and have little to no cost.

Baby shower activity ideas

Going virtual? No worries, all these options are both in-person and virtual to keep things lively and fun, whether online or not.

Let's get to it.


Creative Ideas for Baby Shower Activities

Baby shower bingo cards.

1. Baby Shower BINGO

This game might require a little bit of sweat equity, but you can pull it off ask easy as the other games. You can either DIY your own BINGO cards to create a super tailored and personalized baby shower. Or you can print off BINGO cards. There are many places you can find them online.

Click here to download our free, ready-to-print baby shower bingo cards.

Don't forget to get fun dabbers. You can even match the dabbers' color to the gender of the baby, blue or green for a boy and pink or purple for a girl!

Virtual Option

Send everyone the link to download and print their bingo cards! You can send them a dabber in the mail or inform them that you will play bingo during the baby shower. Playing online together can be just as fun as in person.


The price is right baby shower game

2. Price is Right

Who doesn't love the Price is Right?! This game is super simple to set up.

All you need is to find fun things around your house that you know the price of. Since it's a baby shower, try and keep it baby-related, diapers, onesies, formula, etc. Show the items one by one, have everyone guess the price. The person who comes the closest without going over gets the point!

Click here to download our free, ready-to-print, Price is Right cards.

Virtual Option

You can play the same game virtually! All you have to do is choose a hosting platform, Google Meeting, Zoom, Facebook, etc. You can still show the items and have people guess just like you would in person.


Watching their VidDay on a TV

3. Watching Your VidDay Surprise Video

You and all the other guests have created a beautiful VidDay tribute video for the soon-to-be parents. What better time to watch it than all together? Get the TV, Projector, or computer ready. Gather everyone together with snacks, drinks, and don't forget the tissues. Give a little introduction to the Mom to be about what she is about to see. Play the video and let the emotions take over. It's a great way to show her how much you all care and love her. Learn how to create your own baby shower VidDay here.

Virtual Option

Once you're ready and finished with your introduction speech, share your screen and push play for the Mom to be. You might want to warn her that she should have some tissues nearby for those tears of joy.


Cupcakes decorated for a baby shower

4. Cupcake Decorating Contest

This activity is funny and yummy all at the same time! You can either make the cupcakes from scratch or buy pre-made ones from the store. Just get ones that don't have decorations on them yet. Get together icings, sprinkles, and anything else you want to decorate with! The Mom-to-be gets to be the head judge on who made the most beautiful cupcake. You'll see who the chef of the group is and the not-so-good chef.

Virtual Option

Are you doing a virtual event? Ask your friends and family to prepare their cupcakes before the event. Then you can each take turns showing your masterpiece to the judge.


A picture of a baby on a computer screen

5. Guess the Baby Photo

Who's that baby? Before the baby shower even begins, ask all your friends and family to submit their baby photos. There are different ways that you can play in person. The first way is the easiest. You pinned up everyone's photos on a corkboard and numbered them. Have people silently write down who they think each number is.

The second way is to show the pictures one by one and have each guest guess aloud who they believe the baby picture is.

Virtual Option

Use a PowerPoint presentation and screen share to go through each of the baby photos and have people try and figure out who the baby is.


6. Bad Baby Advice

This activity can be so hilarious, so get ready to giggle lots and have a good time listen to some wild advice! Have guests either say lousy advice they've been given or give bad baby advice.

For your friends and family who have already have babies, get them to tell you the worst advice they ever received when they were expecting. Those friends and family who haven't had a baby, get them to give you some terrible baby advice.

Get ready to laugh a lot with this game.

Virtual Option

Have an MC that will lead people through the game, so they can call on people when it's their turn, so there is never a dull moment in sight. Whether you ask your Mom or best friend to MC, it will make the flow a lot smoother.


Bonus: Baby Shower Games Ideas for the Dads-to-be

Baby Stroller Olympics

This activity is more fun for the dads. Make an obstacle course in your backyard, living room, or anywhere you want! Use a stroller to go through the obstacle course, making pit stops to change the baby, bathe the baby, and feed the baby. It's more fun if you use a stuffed animal or a doll.

Who will win the baby Olympics? Ready, set, go!


Here's a video example of a surprise virtual baby shower:

No matter what you do, the soon-to-be parents will be grateful to be surrounded by their friends and family.

Before you go...

Here's a collection of adorable baby shower wishes and messages:

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