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5 Unique Last-minute Wedding Gift Ideas

Has life caught up with you, and now you’re shopping in a pinch? The gift registry was plentiful but is now seeming a little empty?

unique wedding gift ideas

Well, have no fear because we’ve got you covered. We’ve curated a list of great last-minute wedding gift ideas. Gifts range from thoughtful, such as a wedding video gift, to practical, like keeping a clean house. Plus, you can buy all of these gifts online.

Let’s get the wedding gift giving started.


iRobot mop for a wedding gift idea
Source: iRobot

1. Robot Mopper

Help the new couple avoid their first arguments on who is going to do the chores. Get them something that will help this problem — a robot floor mopper!

A robot floor mopper is the second-best last-minute wedding gift idea (see next wedding idea for the best wedding gift idea!).

The bride and groom will love that their floors are always fresh and clean without them having to lift a finger. They’ll never forget how unique your wedding gift was to them.


A VidDay wedding video gift

2. VidDay Wedding Video

The secret is out of the bag.

A VidDay Wedding Video is clearly the best last-minute wedding gift idea. Creating an unforgettable wedding video gift will give the couple memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, they can watch the wedding video over and over again.

You can create this simple last-minute wedding gift idea in minutes. First, upload old photos of the bride and groom. Then, find videos of them off of their social media.

You can even get friends and family involved by asking them to upload their videos wishing the couple the best of luck and send a warm congratulations.

A VidDay Wedding Video is the best gift of all. Need a little more inspiration on what to say in a wedding video gift? Check out this wedding wish idea generator.


A donation for a wedding gift idea

3. Is it Charity Time?

An easy last-minute wedding gift idea is to donate in the bride’s and groom’s names.

Do you know a cause they are passionate about? Or is there something close to their hearts? If yes, search online for an organization that supports their beliefs.

Need help finding somewhere to donate? This website has loads of different charities for the picking. You’re bound to find something unique to donate to on that list.


A wine subscription for a wedding gift idea
Source: Winc

4. Wine!

Who doesn’t want wine delivered to your house? A wine box subscription is perfect for both the bride and the groom.

They can choose any type of wine that suits their own individual tastes!

It’s a perfect last-minute wedding gift idea. All you need to do is register them online, and they’re ready to go.


Money for a wedding gift idea.

5. Is Cash King?

Sometimes, nothing works as well as cash does. It is quick, practical, and will help the couple buy everything necessary for starting a new life together.

If you know the bride and groom well enough, you’ll be able to know if cash is acceptable or polite for a wedding gift. However, if you aren’t so much or have a little “I don’t know” speaking to you, don’t give cash for a wedding gift.

For most weddings, cash is a lovely gift and much appreciated by everyone.

Here’s some helpful information on wedding etiquette for giving cash as a gift.


Go With What You Know

Don’t be afraid to stick to the registry. The is the easiest way to find the perfect last-minute wedding gift.

Go through their registry and see which you can either order online with quick delivery or find something that they have at a store near your place.

This is the perfect way to find a last-minute wedding gift without putting too much thought into it, and you’ll be guaranteed that the bride and groom will love it.


The Bottom Line

Yes, it can be challenging to find that special wedding gift, especially if you’re going at it last minute. But with these last-minute wedding gift ideas will leave them gleaming with joy on their wedding day!

All in all, this beautiful bride and groom-to-be will feel honored by your thoughtfulness with your gift.

Let’s get started on a wedding gift.

Start a wedding video gift today with VidDay Group Video!


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