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14 Remarkable Things to Do in Retirement

Are you dreaming of retirement?

Silly question, aren’t we all? Well, if you’re seriously dreaming about retirement, you’re probably thinking a lot about what you plan on doing during those golden years with endless time to yourself to do what you want. But what will you do with all this free time?

Retirement bucket list

You could plan a little retirement bucket list. This list isn’t the crazy kind of bucket list with “go sky diving” or “climb to the top of Mount Everest.” Instead, these bucket list ideas are a little more attainable and fun! Fun being the keyword.

So, let’s get into it and find out more fun things to do in retirement.


14 Retirement Bucket List Ideas

woman creating a budget Retirement bucket list

1. Create a Budget

First and foremost, you’ll probably now be living on a fixed income. Meaning that you’ll need to plan, plan, plan your finances.

It’s always good to keep your income in check to make sure that you’re sticking to your budget and managing your money well so that you’ll be able to enjoy all of the bucket list ideas to come.

a family spending time together Retirement bucket list

2. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

This bucket list retirement idea might be a little obvious, but you’ve spent many years working 40 or more hours a week, doing the old 9-to-5 and you’ve probably had to miss some things.

Well, now is the time to make some new memories and get in some good old quality time with all of your family, friends, and of course, this is the perfect time to spoil the grandchildren.

gardening Retirement bucket list

3. Take Up Gardening

Are you into flowers? How about growing your own vegetables? Starting a garden is such a fantastic way to spend your afternoon, evening or even the morning time.

If you don’t have access to a backyard, there are different options that you can search for in your community. You can usually find a gardening club or find an allotment that you can make your own. Gardening is rewarding, and it gets you outside and moving around.

woman volunteering Retirement bucket list

4. Volunteer Your Time

Is there something that inspires you or something that you’re passionate about? Well, nows the time to dive in and get involved.

Volunteering helps organizations that you care about and helps you create new relationships and learn new skills.

Here are some places to think about volunteering:

  • Your local public library

  • Animal shelters and adoption center

  • Food banks and homeless shelter

  • A local community center

  • Local faith organization

family hiking Retirement bucket list

5. Go on Hikes

Time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. After spending your years in an office, it's time to get outside and experience the wonder that is nature.

Whether living in a city or the country, there are ways to get outside to go on a hike. If you're in a city, find a local park or try to escape the city to get out into nature. If you're in the country, find a path and go off and explore.

lady headphones Retirement bucket list

6. Take a Class

Has there been something that you've always wanted to learn? The odds are usually in your favor. There are so many classes out there. Whether you want to take a College course on Art History or a MasterClass on baking pastries, there are so many different options ready for you.

lady painting Retirement bucket list

7. Have Fun With Art

Time to break out those pens, pencils, and paintbrushes. Get those creative juices flowing by having fun with art. Whether you're into painting, scrapbooking, or pottery, art can help you to relax and create something extraordinary.

Plus, you can create your art, crafts, or whatever it is that you want from the comforts of your own home. All you need is some inspiration to let your imagination run wild. This bucket list retirement idea is genuinely the most fun.

men music Retirement bucket list

8. Take Some Music Lessons

Do you want to find out if you can carry a note or just want to learn your favorite instrument? Then, taking some music lessons is the perfect new hobby to learn a new skill and an excellent way to bring some music into your life.

Learning more about music will help to deepen your appreciation for your favorite musical artists or maybe even inspire you to start a band of your own.

woman writing Retirement bucket list

9. Get Creative With Your Writing

Did you want to break out your creativity and get into creative writing? Were you hoping for a career in journalism? Or perhaps you always knew you had a book in you? Retirement is the time to try out all of these. Take a creative writing class or write for an hour each day.

You can also volunteer your writing for a local newspaper or start your own blog online with some interesting articles that you wrote. Or go for the big one and write that book that you've been thinking about. Retirement is the time to get it done and out in the world.

man camera Retirement bucket list

10. Have Fun With Photography

You don't even need a fancy camera to take beautiful photos anymore. Your iPhone or Android camera is pretty great quality now, and you won't have to take a big camera around with you — a win-win.

You can take a class and learn how to use the best lighting, camera setups, and the best angles to shoot at. You'll be documenting your retired life in time, so go ahead and add photography to your retirement bucket list.

man woman tennis Retirement bucket list

12. Pick Up a Sport

Stay fit and having fun is the key to staying healthy as you get a little bit older. So what’s a better retirement bucket list idea than picking up a new sport?

Check your local area to see if they have any team sports that you can join. Perhaps you and some of your friends want to make a golf day, choosing a day of the week that you all meet up for a game of golf. Or perhaps tennis is more up your alley, get a group of friends to join you for a great match of tennis. Of course, you can always go for a morning walk or jog to stay active.

man iphone Retirement bucket list

13. Learn a New Language 

There have been many studies linking learning a new language with better cognitive activity. So learning a second, third, or fourth language will help you not only with brain activity but will allow you to explore a new culture, learn new traditions, and a new language.

You can make it as easy as using Duolingo or taking a language class at a school. Try watching your favorite TV show in the language that you're learning for some more practice. You might surprise yourself with how quickly you pick up a new language.

couple beach Retirement bucket list

14. Get Traveling 

We all want to see the world. So now is your chance. This idea tops everyone's retirement bucket list. So now is the time time to get out there and explore the world that we all live in, experience new cultures, put into practice those newly developed language skills, and even use your new photography skills.

Make a list of everywhere you want to go, and start planning — the world is your oyster.

office work Retirement bucket list

15. Keep Working — If You Want

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of not working again? It's okay; many of us experience that. Just because you're planning on retiring doesn't mean that you have to stop working. You can pick up a part-time job somewhere that interests you or ask your current company if you can stay on a couple of days a week. You can even start your own consulting firm. You have years of experience and knowledge, time to share it.

Some retirees have even started businesses with their new free time.


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vidday man woman Retirement bucket list


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