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12 Cute Winter Anniversary Date Ideas

As we say goodbye to autumn and hello to winter, you might be wondering what the perfect winter date idea would be for your anniversary. From ice skating to hot cocoa and snuggles to a late-night binge-fest, winter gives you so many different options for an anniversary date with that special someone.

Winter anniversary ideas

Whether it’s a first date or a 50th wedding anniversary, the winter season provides you with the coziest date ideas to get snuggled up with your special someone. Giving you plenty of one-on-one time with that special person in your life.

Let’s get into what Jack Frost has in store for you with this amazing list of anniversary date ideas.


Unique and Fun Anniversary Date Ideas in Winter:

1. Do a Little Star Gazing

Oh, starry night, there's something about the wintertime air that makes looking up at the night sky even more enchanting. There is something about the stillness of the cold air that makes stargazing even more special, especially when you're sharing the moment with your special someone.

Winter anniversary ideas

2. Visit a Winter Festival

If you happen to live somewhere with some wintertime festivals, plan your anniversary date around a winter festival. You might be treated to igloo-building, maple syrup tasting, snowshoeing, or even a good ol’ snowball fight. You and your partner can even just wander around the festival to check it out on a beautiful winter’s evening.

Winter anniversary ideas for couple

3. Go on a Winter Hike

Time to break out those winter boots. Sometimes during winter, we can feel like we are doing a lot of sitting around, so for an anniversary date, it could be fun to go outside and enjoy everything that nature has to offer during the winter season. Go and escape to a forest and find a trail to wander down with your loved one. Spend time talking together and enjoying the moment with one another.

Winter anniversary ideas for him

4. Bake a Gingerbread House Together

A classic winter staple is a gingerbread house. Here you can choose whether or not you want to go big and bake your own gingerbread house or if you want just to have some fun with a pre-made gingerbread house. It doesn't matter which you choose, as long as on your anniversary date, you make it together. So get ready to frost and decorate away.

Winter anniversary ideas for her

5. Snuggle in Front of the Fire

Snuggling by the fire feels so cozy during those long dark days. Whether an indoor fire or outdoors, have your anniversary date, and yourself cuddle up and watch the flames of a fire. Offer them a blanket, some hot cocoa, and even make some s'mores to enjoy the moment together.

Winter anniversary ideas for partners

6. Go for Coffee at Your Local Coffee Shop

Yes, this is always a solid date idea, no matter the time of the year. However, there is something to be said about going to a coffee shop in the winter, being cozy, warm layer, sipping something hot. There is just something very special about being in your local coffee shop with the person you love on a cold winter day.

Anniversary date ideas in winter

7. Watch Old Christmas and Holiday Movies

Queue up your playlist. Have your anniversary date make a playlist of their favorite holiday movies, then create your playlist. Compare and contrast them and choose a couple to watch together on your anniversary date. Because can the holidays really be the holidays without a little Christmas movie fest?

Winter anniversary ideas

8. Make a Pot of Mulled Wine

Not only will this activity make your house smell so delicious, but will always make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You and your anniversary date will have so much fun making mulled wine. What is mulled wine? Well, it’s a Scandinavian tradition of heating and flavoring red wine — perfect for a little buzz on your date. Here are some recipes to try out.

Winter anniversary ideas

9. Time to go Sledding

I mean, what's more iconic than going sledding during the winter? What's even more fun is going sledding with someone that you love. It's just that much better, plus you can bring some hot cocoa to keep you and your date warm. Or even better, you can bring along some of that mulled wine that you just made to have a little extra pep in your step.

Winter anniversary ideas

10. Cook a Cozy Dinner Together

Time to break out those pots and pan. It’s cooking time. The best kind of anniversary date is the kind that you do something together. Cooking a meal together is something that’s not only fun but really soothing. You can come up with dishes together, head off to the market to get the ingredients, then share the meal together. How romantic does that sound?

Winter anniversary ideas

11. Time to Go Ice Skating

Let’s dust off those skates and head out ice-skating with your loved one. If you don’t have skates, don’t worry, most places have rentals. It’s the perfect anniversary date to have under twinkling lights or along the river. You can hold hands while skating around on the ice, or show off your ice skating tricks to woo over your loved one.

Winter anniversary ideas


Want to Splurge?

12. Go to a Cabin

Booking a cozy cabin-style Airbnb in the woods, you can enjoy all of the date nights listed above, just at a cozy chalet.

Winter anniversary ideas


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