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11 Clever Illustrations About How Technology Is Changing You

Technology has provided us with many lifestyle benefits and changed the foundation of how many people live, interact, and communicate with each other. Therefore, it's really important to put our society’s "progress" into perspective.

Check out these 11 cleverly funny illustrations that portray the 'before and now' of how we use technology in the modern world.

1. Receiving snail mail is more exciting than ever.

Photo Credit: Poofytoo

2. Roles are reversed when it comes to teaching how to use technology.

Photo Credit:

3. You're doing this right now...

Photo Credit:

4. Do you remember when a phone call was normal?

Photo Credit: Endless Origami

5. We know who you are.

Photo Credit: Right-Brained

6. Always on your phone before bedtime.

7. TVs are slimmer, and people are getting bigger.

Photo Credit: Unknown

8. What used to be a celebration is now all done in isolation.

Photo Credit: 

9. Who needs good company when we have smartphones, right?

Photo Credit: Maria Scrivan

10. Vacations photos, before and after smartphones.

Credit: DanielZarz4 

11. Tech evolution is a real thing.

Photo Credit: Dave Coverly 

It's no secret that technology is evolving at an unprecedented speed. As for me, I grew up in a time with no internet and just one rotary household. No, I'm not ancient, this is less than 30 years ago! Fast forward to today, here I am with my smartphone and smartwatch, all connected to my household appliances and car, while giving orders to Siri to do all my mundane tasks. I can access an endless amount of information, videos, and pictures, all from the comfort of my bed. And I can connect with anyone with one click of a button. Unfortunately, this abundance of content and easy connectivity often comes as a double edge sword.

It's important to take a step back, and remind yourself how fast things have changed, and be aware of how you interact with technology and the effects it has on you and the people around you.


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