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10 Unique Ways to Use VidDay for Birthdays

When it comes to birthdays, a video gift is a fabulous personalized way to make the birthday person feel oh-so-special. But, what's even more exciting, is that it's fun and personal for everyone invited to participate.

a girl watching a birthday vidday

You might be a little unsure how you want to make your birthday video, and that's okay. This is why we've rounded up our ten most popular and unique ways to create a birthday video.

Let’s get into the personalized birthday video ideas!


Happy Birthday Video Ideas

1. Birthday Letter

Create a video letter for the birthday person. Celebrate them with a video filled with messages from their loved ones and photos of them throughout the years. It's like a letter filled with everyone's kind words. They'll be laughing and crying tears of joy with this birthday video letter. Get unique ideas on what to write with our happy birthday quote generator.

2. Birthday Story

Give the best kind of shout-out on social media with a birthday video shout-out! Create a beautiful video of you expressing your love for the birthday person in a video, choose a beautiful theme and some background music. Then share it online so the birthday person can enjoy the birthday video and lovely messages.

3. Video Birthday Card

video recording happy birthday

Want to keep it short and sweet? Create a birthday card that's come to life. Upload a video message from yourself giving the birthday person a shout-out. You can add a text card saying happy birthday and photos if you want. A video birthday card keeps it short, sweet, and to the point.

4. Birthday Party Recap

Is your camera roll full of photos and videos from your latest birthday party? Let's do something with them, upload them into a beautiful photo recapping your party. Then, you can share it with everyone who attended and keep the memories alive for years.

5. Sing Happy Birthday

If friends and family can’t make it to the birthday party, you can still all get together and sing happy birthday in a sweet video message. It’s so simple to ask everyone to join in on the celebration and upload a video of them singing happy birthday, whether they’re singers or not.

6. Blast From the Past

looking at birthday pictures together

It's time for a blast from the past video. Ask all of your family and friends to look through their camera rolls and photo albums to find the best “way back when” photos and video clips. Once they are all uploaded, you can set it to some groovy music. It will make the birthday person feel like they're watching old home movies with them as the main character.

7. Year in Review

Birthdays are always a good time to look back and reflect on the year they've been through. Get everyone to upload photos from the past year of all the fun things they did with the birthday person. They can also upload video messages reminiscing on their fun over the past year or funny stories involving the birthday person.

8. Life Story

Create a mini-life story birthday video that includes photos of the significant milestones, events, and essential highlights your birthday person will want to remember. This can consist of video messages of their favorite people talking about their favorite moments through their life together.

9. Pet Birthday

a dog saying happy birthday

Everyone deserves a birthday video — pets included! Although they might not be able to enjoy it themselves, a pet’s birthday video is a beautiful keepsake for you and your family. Or better yet, you can make a pet birthday video for one of your friend’s pets. Their owner will surely love it.

10. Business Birthday Video

You can never be all business with no play. Celebrate an employee's birthday with a beautiful birthday video gift. Gather messages from colleagues and upper management wishing them a happy birthday and celebrating all of their achievements at work during the past year.


How to Make a Birthday Video in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Invite Friends and Family

After you’ve set up your account and created an event page for that special birthday person, it’s time to get invited! Get everyone in on the celebration — quickly send a birthday invitation to anyone. The more, the merrier!

creating a birthday video

Step 2: Receive Videos Clips and Photos

All the birthday video messages and pictures are collected in your VidDay account for you. You can drag and drop the photos and videos in any order you want. Then, add some text cards, choose a video theme and background music, and you're ready to go.

father son wishing happy birthday

Step 3: Share the Surprise!

It's time for us to work our magic. VidDay will create your memorable birthday video montage. It’s time to smile — send the surprise video to the lucky recipient.


Create a Memorable Birthday Gift

Birthdays are always a time for celebration! Birthdays are a time to get together with friends and family to celebrate. It's a time to get together and enjoy some birthday cake, good food, and a group birthday video gift. Now that you know different ways to say happy birthday, it’s time to create a birthday video gift.

a couple watching birthday video

Bring joy and perhaps a few tears of happiness to the birthday party with a meaningful video gift. The best way to say Happy Birthday is with sincere birthday wishes from friends and family in a group video gift. Need a little help with birthday wishes — check out our birthday wishes generator for some inspiration. Why are group birthday videos such a great birthday gift?

“I made a video for my mom's 80th birthday. Her peers are in the same age group, not generally super comfortable around computers — yet all found the interface simple and intuitive and left clear and meaningful messages... the video was excellent and absolutely made my mom's day.” — Shaul Behr

Great question! With our birthday video maker, you can collect messages from loved ones, friends, family, and colleagues all in one surprise birthday video. This means that everyone can join in on the birthday celebration, whether celebrating from a distance or nearby. Learn more about creating your birthday video with our handy birthday video guide.

Celebrate better together by saying Happy Birthday with a group VidDay video gift. Start one today.


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