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Delicious Cakes with Personalized Video Messages

We all know how delicious our favorite cakes are, but eating cake on our birthday doesn’t taste quite as good when we aren’t with the people we love.

Cake with video message included with QR code
Send a cake with a personal video message.

If someone you care about has a birthday coming up and you can’t be with them, we have a solution for you.

Whether you are looking to send assorted cupcakes, tasty brownies, gourmet cakes, or specialty cookies, you’ll now be able to include a video message with the gift.

Thanks to a few fantastic baked good stores using VideoGreet, you can now send a video message with your delicious cake order.

Everyone knows how challenging it is to find the perfect gift, and adding a personal touch becomes even more complicated when it needs to be delivered. Sending a video with your gift in 2023 will leave the recipient with a smile on their face and wondering how you did it.

Here’s the best part, it is super easy. All you have to do is visit one of the amazing merchants listed below, find the perfect treat, select the “video add on” button, then record your video (or audio)! When the recipient receives your order, it will include a QR code that they can scan to see your video message.

At VidDay, we’ve compiled a list of a few amazing shops that let you add a video greeting with your order with our app VideoGreet.

Sweet Flour | Baked Treats with Video

Personal video message with Valentine cookies
Valentine cookies with a heartfelt video message.

Sweet Flour specializes in cookies, cupcakes, and ice cream sandwiches. Located in Toronto, the bakery was founded by Kim Gans, who was inspired by her love of cookies from a young age. Sweet Flour has grown significantly since its founding and now employs a team of bakers and decorators, continuing to maintain its goal of spreading joy across Canada.

By attaching a video message to any of its cookies and cupcakes, the sender can add a personalized touch to the delicious gift, which is sure to make the recipient feel extra special and loved.


Baked Cravings with Video Greetings

cupcakes with video gift messages

Founded in 2017, Baked Cravings now ships delicious treats across the nation. The bakery was created by Craig Watson, a father who was dedicated to making nut-free treats. Offering brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and popcorn, Baked Cravings is a great place to find treats to satisfy your appetite. Thanks to VideoGreet, you can now easily surprise a loved one with a personalized video message with any of its mouth-savoring baked treats.


Cakes by Andrew with Video Gift Messages

Send a cake with a video message for the recipient
Easily attach a video message with any cake order.

Located in Garston, Cakes by Andrew was founded in 2015 by chef Andrew and his partner Polly. The family-run business prides itself on freshness, perfection, and innovation, all of which have made them one of the busiest cake shops in Liverpool. Offering celebration cakes treat boxes, and cupcakes, Cakes by Andrew is the perfect place to shop for delicious cakes with a personalized video message.


Candy’s Cupcakes + Video Messages

Add video or audio message to any cupcake order
Add a video or audio message with one-click

Candy's Cupcakes is a family-run business based in Greater Manchester. The company was founded by Candice in 2011 and offers delicious cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and cakes that are decorated to your order and delivered nationwide. The team of 8 bakers puts passion and care into everything from baking to packing and delivery. All products are made using the finest ingredients and are baked fresh to order.

Within seconds, you can now include a personal video message or audio greeting with your cupcake order. It's a unique way to make every cupcake a memorable experience, surprising and delighting the recipient every time.

Want to add video gift messaging to your store?

Take your store's gift messaging to the next level. Install the VideoGreet app on the Shopify store to let customers personalize their gifts.

3 Benefits of Personal Video Messages With Cakes

Attaching a video message with a cake is a great idea for many reasons:

  1. It adds a personal touch to the gift that is being sent. A video message allows the sender to express their feelings and emotions in a way that cannot be conveyed through a simple text or message. By attaching a video message, the sender can add a personalized touch to the gift, which is sure to make the recipient feel special and loved.

  2. It allows the sender to be more creative and innovative. With the help of VideoGreet's technology, one can easily record a video message and send it along with a cake. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the sender to express themselves and make the recipient feel special. For instance, the sender could sing a birthday song or share a funny anecdote, which can make the recipient feel more connected to the sender.

  3. Sending a video message with a cake is a great way to bridge the physical distance between the sender and the recipient. In today's globalized world, it is common for people to live far away from their loved ones.

Overall, sending a cake with a video message makes the recipient feel closer to the sender, even if they are physically far away. This is especially important during special occasions like birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries when the presence of loved ones can make all the difference.


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