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VideoGreet Case Study: Pinky Swear & Co. Candles

VideoGreet is a new and exciting Shopify app that allows ecommerce retailers to increase their basket size by giving their customers an option to add a video message to their gift purchase.

video message with candles and QR code

The VideoGreet app is a free gift add-on and enables companies to increase their revenue without interrupting the customer checkout flow. All while creating value and seeing a high return from each customer.

VideoGreet is brought to you by the makers of — the leader in the video gifting sector.

Executive Summary

Pinky Swear & Co. was looking for a way to build an emotional connection between their brand and their customers.

They installed the VideoGreet app in their Shopify ecommerce store to bring an emotional connection between their customers and their brand. They use the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) metric to see an increase for those who used VideoGreet and those who didn't. They were surprised and happy with their findings.

Company Description

Pinky Swear & Co. is an ecommerce business based in Toronto, Ontario. Create hand-poured small-batch candles focusing on natural and ethically sourced ingredients.

The co-founders shared a passion for artisanal home decor and sustainable products. So together, they formed Pinky Swear & Co. in 2000. Since then, they've partnered with charities to give back to local communities.

The Challenge

Pinky Swear & Co. found that they had to attract leads, turn them into customers, and ultimately prompt them to become brand promoters within their inbound marketing model. They concluded that brand awareness and brand loyalty weren't an issue for their company.

Brand affinity, on the other hand, was something that could be improved.

They searched for ways to create brand affinity to build an emotional connection between their brand and their customers. They wanted to ensure that their customers felt like they had a genuine relationship and shared values. They needed to go beyond their typical products and services within their market.

They needed something with an emotional pull to help them — that's where VideoGreet came in.

The Solution

Pinky Swear & Co. knew their audience well, and they knew that they needed to add something that would create an emotional factor that would impact their customers' decision process. This was when they discovered VideoGreets.

VideoGreets allowed Pinky Swear & Co. to create a closer relationship with their customer, which means that they could use the VideoGreet app to create an emotional factor during their target audience's decision process. Additionally, before checkout, there was the ability to add on a video message to make an even more meaningful gift.

VideoGreet on Pinky Swear website

They allowed their customers to personalize their purchases, which optimized Pinky Swear & Co. to build their relationship with their customers. Also, they chose to track their Customer Lifetime Value to see if there was an increase for those using the VideoGreet add-on.

“With the VideoGreet app, we found it allowed our brand to be personal with our customers and connect with them on a human level.” — Nicole Cruz, Head of Marketing

The Results

Since adding the VideoGreets app to their ecommerce store, they have found that their customer who has added a video to their basket has increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). This was critical for Pinky Swear and Co. because it was one of the crucial metrics that they measured for because they wanted to see if this would help their customer retention by creating an emotional bond and loyalty to the brand.

VideoGreet helped create that close relationship with Pinky Swear & Co. and their customers, leading to better brand affinity and better customer CLV.

Learn more about the VideoGreet Shopify app to see how it can make a positive impact on your ecommerce business.

Find VideoGreet in the Shopify App Store.


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