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Baby Shower Ideas for a Baby Girl

“Sugar and spice and everything nice… that’s what little girls are made of!”

These baby girl shower themes could not be more accurate to that statement. Plus, a great bonus gift idea is below.

Baby girl baby shower ideas

Baby showers are one of the most fun parties that you can plan for.

You’re expecting a bundle of joy and want to throw a party to celebrate the baby girl. There are so many different kinds of themes and ideas out there, but we’ve narrowed it down for you.

Here are three easy themes for your baby girl’s shower party.


Baby Shower Themes for a Baby Girl

Baby girl baby shower ideas

Pretty in Pink

Calling this girl’s baby shower “pretty in pink” might be an understatement at this baby shower because we’re about to splash everything in pink, from pink table decorations to pink plates, to a pink dress code. Yes, pink for everything for the soon-to-be princess.

Need to break up the pink?

Think fun florals or add in some table decorations in white. Even by breaking up the pink with other colors, you’re pretty in pink theme for the baby shower will be heard loud and clear.

Baby girl baby shower ideas

Natural Beauty

When looking for unique baby shower themes, you’ll never go wrong turning to nature for a bit of inspiration. Set your baby shower outside and let nature be the backdrop of your baby shower. You can add in some fresh fruits and veggies for people to munch on.

Gather together some wildflowers for a rustic centerpiece and use natural linens as table cloths. Make it a truly stylish garden party (aka baby shower) with some cute drinks and freshly squeezed juices.

Even ask your guests to dress up for a garden party with floral dresses and straw hats. So magical.

Baby girl baby shower ideas

Glitter and Gold

When it comes to celebrating the magic of a new baby girl, you’ll never go wrong with glitter and gold! Lighten up the mood with beautiful gold balloons with a magical backdrop of a gold curtain and a table filled with gold glitter.

All of the baby shower accessories can be gold-colored, from plates to glasses and even the cake! The Mom-to-be will have a beautiful baby shower with this exciting theme.


Make a Baby Shower Video for the Baby Girl

Getting Started on a Baby Shower Video

Start a Baby Shower video today to celebrate the new baby girl that is coming into this world.

It's simple to start a VidDay video for the baby shower. All you need to do is click here to create an account, and then your baby shower Event Page is automatically set up for you.

Now is when all of the baby girl cuteness happens!

On your baby shower Event Page, you'll be able to choose from various baby girl themes and music, plus add in text cards — to give a girly touch to the video.

Baby girl baby shower ideas

Add Video Clips and Photos for the Baby Girl

Now it's time to upload your baby shower video messages and any pictures you want. Once everything is uploaded to your baby shower event page, you can drag and drop the video messages and photos in any order.

Plus, you can use VidDay's handy preview feature to see what the finished video will look like.

Don't worry, no editing skills are required. You can edit as much or as little as you wish with our easy-to-use editors.

Baby girl baby shower ideas

Share the Surprise Baby Shower Video!

It's time for us to work our magic. VidDay will create the cutest baby shower video for you. Check out here how you can have your own virtual baby shower this year.

Treat your soon-to-be parents to something special. ♥

Learn more on how to create your own baby shower video here.


Here's some inspiration on what to say in a baby shower video:


Pregnancy Journal and Baby Book

So many firsts and memories happen within the months of pregnancy and having a newborn, especially for first-time moms. Capturing every moment without some much-needed help can be difficult. Especially true when trying to manage a newborn simultaneously.

The help of a pregnancy journal or a baby book by Revel can help.

It's simple to use with prompt-filled journals, freestyle note taking, and plenty of other options. Plus, if you're gifting this journal to someone, you can attach a QR code with a video message that the soon-to-be Mom can watch over and over again.


Do You Need Help with VidDay?

We offer 24-hour customer service; we are here to make you smile with anything needed. Please email us anytime or use our live chat to speak with a live customer service representative.


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