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12 Cozy Yet Beautiful Winter Wedding Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

What can be more beautiful than a snowscape background for a cozy and beautiful winter wedding?

Winter wedding ideas

The weather outside may be frightful, but you can still host a delightful wedding.

Winter weddings can include icicles, fireplaces, warm drinks, plus some adventures in the snow. There are so many beautiful moments during winter that makes it perfect for throwing a wedding. Think of this winter wedding theme for your wedding: Winter Wonderland.

Check out these 14 beautiful ideas to make a winter wedding perfect.


Winter Wedding Ideas for a Magical Day

Ideas winter wedding

1. Rustic Winter Wedding Invitations

Details like greenery, gold details, and warm colors will give your invitations an outdoorsy theme, and they're spot-on for a rustic wedding. Include a golden wax seal for a vintage touch or foil accents for a bit of seasonal shimmer.

Create winter wedding

2. Winter Wedding Colors for Your Bridesmaids

Winter gives you some beautiful colors to choose from, like deep reds and some gorgeous fabrics like heavy satin or velvet. Just remember that a warm bridesmaid is a happy bridesmaid. So try to make sure that your bridesmaid's dresses are appropriate for the time of the year.

Winter wedding celebration

3. All Those Fall Feels with a VidDay

Getting the entire wedding party together on a VidDay wedding video gift will give the new couple all the sparkles and dazzle that a VidDay always brings out. A wedding video gift for the bride and groom is the perfect gift or wedding activity. You can watch the winter video gift on a screen during the reception so that everyone can watch the beautiful moment together.

Celebration winter wedding

4. Groomsman Suits in Winter Colors

Fashion-savvy groomsmen will love the option of donning a burgundy or a dark blue for their winter wedding. This trendy alternative to black and grey suits is a popular choice for winter weddings. Plaid and tartan prints are winter attire staples, and you can wear them for your wedding, too.

Try incorporating plaid, houndstooth, or checked prints into your ensemble with a jacket, tie, or pocket square.

Winter weddings

5. Think Red for a Bride's Bouquet

This color combination of different hues of red is beautiful for a winter wedding, especially if you're getting married after the holidays or having a Valentine's Day ceremony.

In addition, bright fuchsia flowers, like proteas, roses, carnations, and wax flowers, will add a burst of color to a bridal look.

Winter wedding ideas

6. Crisp White for Centerpieces

You can quickly transform any wedding table into a winter wonderland-style setup by simply adding lots of crisp whites and some winter greenery such as pin needles.

For a wintery look, try to add candles in different heights, shimmering vases, and a pop of red to contrast the green and white.

Ideas winter wedding

7. A Cozy Winter Altar

Gather up some beautiful white chiffon fabric and drape it over your altar. It gives an incredible cozy backdrop suitable for any wedding nuptials, from casual to formal ones. Add in some beautiful flowers, and don't forget to add in lots of candles to set the mood on a snow day.

Create winter wedding

8. A Winterized Wedding Backdrop

You can quickly turn any space into a winter wedding backdrop by adding a few greenery garlands, swags, and wreaths. If you can't suspend greenery wreaths from your venue's ceiling or chandeliers, tie them to chairs or line your ceremony aisle with lush runners.

Another idea is lights or candles placed on frosted branches or a fir needles backdrop decorated with LEDs and candles all around.

Winter wedding celebration

9. Beautiful White Wedding Photos

It’s a nice day for a white wedding day... photos. There isn’t anything more magical than a winter wedding. Snowflakes bouncing around, the ground covered in snow, and festive evergreens all wrapped in a winter wonderland.

The romance of winter scenery makes for a dramatic backdrop for the bride and groom’s wedding photos. Fairytale photos are worth venturing out into the chilly air.

Celebration winter wedding

10. Winter Take on a Cake

What says winter wedding cake more than a cake dripping with berries. So whether you love raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, whatever berries you want, add them on top of the cake and sprinkle with some powdered sugar for a festive winter fairy tale of a cake.

Plus, along with your cake, we love the idea of serving other seasonal desserts and late-night snacks, such as gingerbread cookies, apple donuts, homemade pies, or cinnamon rolls.

Winter weddings

11. A Winter Wonderland Wedding Bar

Remember that your bar is one of the few places your guests will keep coming back to throughout the night, so make sure that your bar fits nicely with your theme and colors. You don't need to go too crazy. Just add some candles, fairy lights, and some greenery, and you're ready to go.

To warm everyone up, even create a wintery drink for people to enjoy, whether a hot toddy or something non-alcoholic like hot cocoa or warm apple cider.

Winter wedding ideas

12. A Cozy Styled Reception

Keeping your reception frosty and cool with pops of blue, you can warm it up by using brass or golds as a beautiful contrast. Add greens to every area of your venue to make your guests feel like they're walking through a Christmas tree farm. We can't forget about the dance floor, have confetti go off on the dance floor.

Not only will it be a beautiful photo, but you'll get snow-filled fun without having to brave the cold weather.


Don’t Forget the Wedding Gift

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