Create an anniversary video as a personalized gift.

Easy to collect videos and photos from friends

We make the video for you with a beautiful theme

One tree is planted for every video gift made

Created a group video for my parents 40th Anniversary and it was such a magical gift for them. 

Tears started flowing after probably just the 2nd or 3rd clip. The site is super easy to use, just shared the link with everyone we wanted to invite, they recorded their clip from wherever they were and it gets uploaded right from there. The final video was received right when they said it would. Great service, highly, highly recommend it to anyone!

- Jordan

Share a special video for the ones who have something special.

Collaborate with friends and family from around the world. 


It’s a beautiful gift to celebrate an anniversary, even if they’re far away.

A video is the most sincere way to send your message.


Written messages are nice, but hearing the "happy anniversary" wishes are way better.

It’s incredible to see their priceless reaction.


Imagine the look on their face when they see their custom anniversary video.

VidDay is an easy, collaborative and beautiful anniversary video maker.


Add a video message wishing them the best on their anniversary.

Or, take a walk down memory lane with a series of photos. Here are some ideas to help get the creative juices flowing for your video message.

I remember when I first met you two…


Invite friends and family to submit their video messages and photos.

You can preview video clips as they get submitted and sort them in the order you want. Seeing everyone come together for one person in a video is a surprise that can’t be beaten. 


When you're ready, hit the publish button and VidDay makes the video for you.

You don’t need editing skills because VidDay makes a beautiful video for you. It’s that easy! Now you have time to do something else… like catching up on your favorite show.

We're happy to help!

Start a live chat to talk to a VidDay representative or check out our FAQ page for more frequently asked questions.

Celebrate a milestone with a memorable video.

No editing skills required!


Our Collage theme captures screenshots from the videos and photos you upload and uses them in the background scenes.


Have a look at our other themes. 

VidDay Video Gift Reaction

The best part is their priceless reaction.

Vidday collaborative video maker for birthdays, weddings, retirements and more.
We're proud to be an eco-friendly, sustainable gift for all occasions.

We're trying to be a positive force in the world and we appreciate your support! The positive feedback has been overwhelming. It motivates us to keep working all day (and often all night) to improve our service!

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