Celebrate retirements with a video as a parting gift.

Invite coworkers, friends, and family to wish the retiree a wonderful retirement. 


A memorable way to commemorate a successful career.

It’s like a greeting card signed by everyone… but with videos!


A beautiful replacement to the usual card that gets passed around the office.

Surprise the retiree with the video at the retirement party.


It’s an unexpected gesture and a gift that is sure to be sincere. 

It’s easy to do and you don’t need video editing skills.


You invite people to participate and VidDay makes the video for you!


VidDay is an easy, collaborative and beautiful retirement video maker.


Celebrate lifelong work accomplishments with video messages wishing them the best.

Or, take a walk down memory lane with photos of the retiree. Here are some ideas to help get the creative juices flowing for your video message.

We will miss you because...


Invite coworkers, friends, and family to submit their own video messages and photos.

You can preview video clips as they get submitted and sort them in the order you want. Seeing everyone come together for one person in a video is a surprise that can’t be beaten. 


When you're ready, hit the publish button and VidDay makes the video for you.

You don’t need editing skills because VidDay makes a beautiful video for you. It’s that easy! Now you have time to do something else… like getting back to work.

I’ve done three VidDay videos and as the provider, the genuine heartfelt reactions make for a wonderful experience.

VidDay has a magical way of bringing people all across the world to celebrate and commemorate one individual and create a beautiful timepiece that the receiver and the viewers can enjoy forever. Love it!

- Cameron

We're always happy to help!

Start a live chat to talk to a VidDay representative or check out our FAQ page for more frequently asked questions.

Show them that they’ll be missed, but not forgotten.

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