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Shopify Gift Video Message App

Video Gift Messages for eCommerce.

Let your customers add personalized video messages to gifts. VideoGreet is the all-in-one gift messaging app for video, audio & text. 😍

VideoGreet, Elevate your gifting experience in minutes.

Quick and easy — install VideoGreet within minutes.

You can even edit the design to fit your brand perfectly... all without writing a single line of code.

VideoGreet, Zero code integration

Zero code integration

VideoGreet, Complete control of style

Complete control of style

VideoGreet, New revenue stream

New revenue stream

🤯 Insert your button without code

🤩 Style it to match your brand

🤑 Adjust the price

🤯 Insert your button without code

🤩 Style it to match your brand

🤑 Adjust the price

Your checkout flow is never disrupted.

Your customers record and upload an audio or video gift message after checkout.

They’ll receive an email after payment which takes them to a recording page branded with your logo. That way, your online shopping experience stays smooth as butter.

At the same time, you (the merchant) are alerted with an email that links to your VideoGreet orders. From there, you can download and include the QR code with the gift order.

Personalize gifts with video or audio to build brand affinity.

A surprise video or audio message is a meaningful gift add-on that creates an emotional connection between your brand, your customers, and the recipients.

Once the gift is delivered, the recipient will simply scan the QR code to watch their beautiful video greeting or personal audio message. Talk about a memorable gift experience. 🥰

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Frequently asked questions.

We’re here to help — if you don’t see your question here, contact us at [email protected]

How much does VideoGreet cost?

VideoGreet is free and available for download on the Shopify App Store.

You're in control of the price. As the merchant, you decide what to charge your customers — it can even be free.

How do I get started with VideoGreet?

Adding VideoGreet to your Shopify store is quick and easy.

Get started by downloading VideoGreet from the Shopify App Store and follow our simple setup instructions.

If you need help, our team will gladly set up VideoGreet in your store for you.

And if you're looking for custom integration, contact us to find the right solution. Please email us at [email protected]

How do my customers record their video or audio messages for their orders?

The video and audio recording is done after payment, keeping your checkout flow undisrupted.

After checkout, they receive an email with a link to a recording page — branded with your logo — and follow the prompts to record and upload their audio or video gift message.

How much does VideoGreet cost for my customers?

You can offer VideoGreet as a free add-on or use it as an upsell to create an extra revenue stream for your Shopify store. You're in complete control.

How do I add a video greeting or audio message to a gift ?

As the merchant, you'll receive a downloadable QR code by email corresponding to the customer's order number. You'll be able to find the QR code in your app Dashboard as well, under the Orders tab.

Use our templated message to print the QR code to package along with the product.

Why choose VideoGreet for your ecommerce store?

🎥 Proven and trusted video technology.

VideoGreet is brought to you by the makers of VidDay.com — the leaders in group video gifts.

Since 2015, the VidDay team has revolutionized the video greeting card and online gift industry by harnessing the power of video. VidDay’s video gift platform is helping millions of people in over 180 countries create beautiful videos gifts to celebrate special occasions.

And now, VidDay is excited to offer VideoGreet to Shopify merchants — a new video gift app available in the Shopify App Store.

You now have a quick, easy and beautiful way to give your customers the option to personalize gift purchases with video greetings and audio messages.

So go ahead and let your shoppers express themselves better when sending gifts or gift cards by linking the physical world with digital.

🛎️ World-class customer support.

You get more than just our reliable video technology — we offer developer support and customer care support to help you get set up for success.

Once set up, our dedicated support team will be available to you and your customers to help them with questions or issues during the recording and uploading of their video messages.

Need we say more? Partner with us today and unlock the power video gift messaging.

Looking for custom integration?

Please reach out and let us know — we'll find the right solution for you.

Quickly set up video messages in your Shopify store for free today.

Video Gift Messages Made Easy

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