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May's Monthly Dose of Goodness

Hello May! Hoping your month is positively aMAYzing.

We've gathered together news stories from the past month that will bring a hint of joy to your lives.

From Peanut thinking he's a dog to an 89-year-old dancing in the streets of New York City.

Keep reading on to bring a little dose of goodness into your life.


Peanut the calf is convinced he’s a dog.

Peanut The Calf is Convinced He’s a Dog

Peanut was found on the roadside in not good conditions. The young calf is now safe and happy as ever with his new owners. The funny thing is that he now thinks that he is a dog — living the best life ever.


Banksy painting sells for record price to fund NHS.

Banksy Painting Sells for Record Price to Fund NHS

A Banksy painting has been sold at Christe’s London for a staggering price of €19.5/$23.45 million. This is the most that a Banksy painting has ever gone for in an auction. The proceeds are being donated to the Southhampton hospital in appreciation for the service of frontline workers from the UK's NHS in fighting COVID 19.


Banksy painting sells for record price to fund NHS.

Nepal Rhino Numbers Rise in an Exciting Milestone

The number of rhinos is on the upswing in Nepal’s wildlife sanctuaries. The number has increased by more than 100, from a population of 645 in 2015 to 752 in 2021. This marks a positive milestone in the nation’s conservation efforts.


Is this innovative cocoon the key to reforestation?

Is This Innovative Cocoon the Key to Reforestation?

This Dutch start-up has created a cocoon system that provides young saplings with water and shelter to grow. The cocoon is critical for its survival during the first couple of months, protecting it from animals, birds, harsh heat, dry winds, and even keeping moisture retained to ensure survival. Plus, it’s 100% biodegradable.


The 89-year-old dancing in the streets after vaccination.

The 89-Year-Old Dancing in the Streets After Vaccination

New Yorker Robert Holzman got his Covid vaccine and was able to get back to his favorite past-time of dancing.


Spread Some Goodness This May

With VidDay’s mission to make a billion people smile, we are a start-up with a heart. We are harnessing the power of video to spread goodness across the globe.

dose of goodness this may

VidDay brings people together by creating a meaningful gift that brings people together all while staying eco-friendly. VidDay allows you to crowdsource video clips, photos, and text cards. So you can create a beautiful video gift that the recipient will cherish forever.

“I was so very impressed by VidDay. My video turned out perfect and everyone LOVED it!!!” — Stacey Robertson-Coward

Not only is creating a VidDay more eco-friendly than purchasing a paper greeting card, but sustainability is at the core of our business. This is why for every video purchased, a portion of the profits goes to planting trees. With over 100,000 trees planted already, we are on our way to growing a forest.

We also understand how important words of encouragement can be during a difficult time. This is why we wanted to help people during their time in need, so we decided to offer Get Well videos for free. That’s right, 100% free.


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