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Creative Ideas For Your Own Virtual Birthday Party

Make the most of your birthday using these quarantine celebration ideas!

Birthdays are a celebration of your life. They are a reminder of the ups and downs you have experienced as you move one step closer to your dreams. Explore ideas for a virtual birthday party.

celebrating your virtual birthday with a cupcake

Birthdays call for an occasion to go out with friends and family. From the excitement coursing through your veins to the birthday countdown and the goofy stories, your friends post on Instagram. This day is special.

The thrill of moving from one shop or website to another in search of a flawless outfit that will make you feel confident. The constant planning goes into finding the best restaurants and cake shops in town for your birthday bash. The delicious sweets you get to taste and the unwrapping of birthday gifts like you’re a kid on Christmas day.

Online Birthday Celebration Ideas During Lockdown

Unfortunately, this year took a slightly bitter turn and led us on to the path of a pandemic.

Restaurants are closed, cities are under complete lockdown, and the only contact we can have with each other is through apps like Zoom or Meet. Coronavirus has turned us from being a social animal to a social distancing one.

In such times, celebrating a birthday during lockdown can ruin your mood. Well, don't worry because we're here to save you and your big day! Check out ideas for a virtual birthday party.

This lockdown has given us a chance to think about and plans one of a kind birthday experience—something beyond going to clubs, beaches, or restaurants.

Although times are challenging, it shouldn’t stop us from celebrating special occasions while following proper precautions.

So, if you’re looking for virtual birthday party ideas, the steps below can help you make it a memorable one.

Plan It Till You Make It!

The best thing about a birthday is all the exciting planning it takes, which allows you some extra quality time with your friends and family!

What to Plan?

Lockdown has made us idle and inactive. Now is the time to bring out your inner party planner and add some liveliness to this social distancing birthday.

  • Plan what you wish to do on your birthday by choosing any idea given in this post

  • Rack up your wardrobe and find that splendid dress you want to wear

  • Schedule the virtual party timings

  • Plan a proper food menu

Once you have finished planning for your virtual birthday celebration ideas, move on to the next step!

Prepare the List

You definitely don’t want random people to enter your virtual party and make it chaotic. To avoid this inconvenience, prepare a list of people you wish to invite.

All of this sounds crazy for celebrating a birthday during a lockdown, but it will give you immense satisfaction and also a purpose in this boring quarantine life! Safe birthday alternatives are the best birthday gift to yourself.

The outer world might entice you to go to your friend’s house or invite them over to chill. Yet, things can drastically change if you do not follow social distancing rules.

Try to look out for safer alternatives and online birthday celebration ideas. Here are a few:

  • Go for virtual partying

  • Cook your birthday meal

  • Order online instead of stepping out to collect items

  • Bake your cake or support home-bakers

  • Decorate your room

  • Instead of buying fresh clothes, try to mismatch old ones and create a birthday ensemble

Keep Up The High Spirits!

Birthdays are meant for happy smiles, birthday gifts, and tons of fun. Be it a normal one or a quarantine birthday, dance, and sing to the tunes of your life.

Sometimes, these tunes can be out of sync, too, like in this quarantine. However, that shouldn’t stop you from bobbing your head and making the most of it!

Stay cheerful, enjoy your day with your loved ones, and embrace this chance of bonding with your family.

Now that we have set your full pre-birthday excitement, let’s get to some virtual birthday celebration ideas.

More Creative Ideas for a Lockdown Birthday

Online Partying Through Video Calling Apps

We can consider our generation as one of the luckiest ones with amazing free apps for video conferencing and calling.

having a virtual birthday via facetime and vidday

Video calling apps like Zoom and Google Meet have made it easier to organize your own birthday party! These parties are also cheaper and demand less planning than your pre-quarantine birthday.

However, it is a known fact that if people do not engage, a virtual party plan might end up as a colossal disaster.

Here are a few tips on how to make your Zoom parties full of entertainment and enjoyment:

Bring a twist to your birthday video party by deciding on a theme and asking everyone to wear a party outfit.

It can be a Hollywood theme if you are into bling, or a Harry Potter theme, where you can totally drink Butterbeer and attempt to Avada Kedavra the coronavirus!

A themed birthday party will excite you, your friends, and your family and thus, keep everyone entertained!

Also, let’s not forget all the social distancing birthday memories you’ll gather through themed pictures.

Playing fun games and dancing with your friends is another way to get the party feel. Here are a few games that you can play on a video call.

Charades: Act out any place, person, movie, or thing and let your friends guess it!

Pictionary: All you need for this game is a notebook or a whiteboard. Draw anything and let your friends figure the word.

Never have I ever: This is the classic clichéd game every high schooler has played, at least once. So, what are you waiting for? Show that hidden, wild side to everyone.

There are other games like Truth or Dare, 20 questions, build a story, and many more to play, too!

Decorate and cut a cake over video calling!

Based on your theme, decorate your room with balloons, confetti, ribbons, etc. This will add up to the birthday feel and will also be a fun-filled activity.

You can also bake your own cake, an exquisite one, or even a simple mug cake with a candle on top of it!

You can order cakes from home-bakers or local bakers, and help them in these times of strife, too.

The feeling of everyone singing ‘happy birthday’ for you, and showing their love for you in their own quirky ways, will surely leave you with happy tears.

Arrange a Movie Day

So, what if you can’t go to the movies? Arrange a movie day on your birthday with your friends and family.

celebrating your birthday with popcorn and netflix

Binge-watch your favorite Disney movies and teleport to a fantasy land with your friends, or venture on a Marvel marathon. You can also watch a brand new series or, well, watch Friends for the 100th time!

Various apps let you sync movies, series, and YouTube videos with your friends. We’ve listed out some of the best ones for you.


  • Netflix offers the extension of Netflix party, which lets you and your friends watch Netflix movies and shows together! So, ask all of your friends to get it from here.


  • Rabbit lets you sync all kinds of videos, movies, and more with your friends. If your favorite movies or shows are not available on Netflix, you can watch them on Rabbit.


  • Twoseven is one of the best ways to watch movies with your friends. You can turn on your browser and watch Netflix, YouTube, and other videos, too!

There are other options too, like Rave, Watch2gether, etc., to have an amazing movie day on your birthday!

Online Gaming

What about virtual birthday celebration ideas for gamers? If you are a gamer, what better way to spend your birthday than playing games with your gaming crew?

a guy playing video games for his birthday

There are multiple video games which you can play with your friends. Some options are Fortnite, Minecraft, PUBG, Mario-Kart, FIFA 20, Counter-Strike, and any other game you’ve been wanting to play with your friends!

Learning a Dance Routine

Learning new things with your friends can be really fun. On your birthday, learn something new and something reserved only for your group.

a girl learning to dance for her birthday

Prepare a group dance through YouTube tutorials or any other website like, to create a nice group memory.

How To Do It

A simple way of doing it will be asking all of your friends to wear their favorite dance outfits.

Schedule a video call through Zoom or any other app. Share your screen and Tada! You have got your own personalized group dance.

P.S. Don't forget to screen-record some bloopers to which you can laugh later on!

Virtual Book Reading Session

If you’re a book lover, the perfect virtual birthday idea would be getting dressed up in Victorian style and reading Shakespearean sonnets in your own little English cottage.

Since this is not likely right now, why not set this mood yourself? Get those scented candles, wear that summer dress and finally, read the book that was on you and your friends’ list for a long!

Arrange your virtual book reading session through video calling and thus, make this birthday a unique and enlightening experience.

Check out our Ultimate Birthday Video Guide for even more inspiration!


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