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People around the world are loving VidDay! But don’t take it from us—see what our customers have to say.

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End results were AMAZING...

What an incredible program this is, it was so simple to do and the end results were AMAZING. My best friend was blown away and it actually made him cry tears of JOY. Thank you for doing such a great job and I highly recommend this program to everyone wanting to bring JOY to a loved one.

Joe Mendez


Tears of joy were flowing...

I have used VidDay for two different celebrations this last month and we have been very happy with the way both videos came out. The recipients were so happy with the videos, tears of joy were flowing. I wouldn't even think of using another company. Would recommend to everyone!

Tori Hamilton


Exceeded my expectations...

The end product exceeded my expectations and was such a lovely way to make memories for a special occasion. A lovely alternative to a photobook with the video messages making it more personal.


The Newtons


Highly recommend VidDay!

I can't say enough positive things about VidDay. I used them personally for my own daughter's bat mitzvah — and I refer this service to all my clients and friends. In fact, I just made a video montage for a friend's 50th and it was such a huge hit and couldn't have been easier to make! And I can't leave a review without mentioning the excellent customer support. Todd was extremely responsive, patient, and helpful. In fact, support was readily available as soon as I logged on at all hours. Quite a refreshing change. Highly recommend VidDay!

Sharon Fullerton


A great tool...

A great tool to make a creative and unconventional gift for your loved ones. I find it very easy to use and with many options to customize your video. Highly recommend!




VidDay is my go-to...

I was hooked after making my first video! I've since made many videos and often hear things like "It was the best gift I've ever received!" VidDay is my go-to solution for celebrating events.




The recipient loved the gift!

I created a VidDay video for a family member and the final product was awesome! The entire process was easy and affordable, and best of all, the recipient loved the gift! I highly recommend using VidDay for creating personalized and touching video mementoes.

Maya Grey


An amazing keepsake...

If you are remotely considering using VidDay to send a video montage to celebrate a loved one, just do it! It saves you SO much time and it is more importantly an amazing keepsake for the recipient. I have both received one and given one and both experiences were easy and the outcome... wonderful! Highly recommend.

Margaux Miller


An amazing gift to give...

Using Vidday was easy and simple. It’s very intuitive so editing and arranging your videos and photos was a breeze. It was also super convenient to just send the link to everyone for them to upload their own video. I loved the feature where you can preview your video before finalizing it. This was an amazing gift to give to someone. Thank you!

Shannon N Lund


It is that extra touch...

Super easy to use! Awesome customer service if you run into any hiccups. The finished product is amazing. Your family, friends, and co-workers will think you are a pro. It is that extra touch to any celebration. Highly recommend.

Elizabeth Battaglino


Excellent experience...

Excellent experience with customer support available immediately with any questions. It was incredibly easy, and it turned out better than I could have ever imagined! Best part, it’s very economical! Thanks and recommend highly!

Lori Maurer


BEST birthday present ever...

This was the BEST birthday present ever and so easy to navigate. I am planning to do this again for my mom's 90th birthday. What a treasure to receive.

Pam Sheldon


Such a touching tribute...

I created a VidDay for my mom's 60th birthday and she absolutely adored it. It was such a touching tribute that left everyone who watched it with teary eyes! I recommend VidDay to anyone who is looking for a unique and intimate gift to make their loved one feel special. Hands down — best gift of the party.

Naomi Bordush


Cried when she viewed it...

My mom doesn't like "stuff" and so I was looking for a birthday gift with some meaning. I could have cobbled together a video on my own but VidDay made it super easy with invitations and polite reminders on multiple platforms. Once the videos came in it was as simple as drag and drop to put the thing together. I selected the background theme and music and it was done. My mom cried when she viewed it — a hit! Thanks for the cool idea… I'll definitely use this again.



Such a unique gift...

I have used this to make a video for my grandma‘s 80th birthday as well as my dad‘s retirement from the fire department. Both experiences have been extremely easy and the end product brought so many tears of happiness! I really think this is such a cool way to connect loved ones to people they may not be able to see very often, through a simple video message. I recommend this to everyone I can because it is such a unique gift that really means a lot to anyone you are giving it to! And they are extremely inexpensive to make, which is a huge bonus!

Trent Hankins


Thank you, VidDay!

Our daughter is celebrating both her 18th birthday and graduation from high school this month. She grew up in three different countries all over the world and getting all her loved ones together for a party was impossible. VidDay made it possible for us to compile greetings and pictures from her friends near and abroad. The surprise video made her laugh and cry as she was reminded of all the wonderful gifts of friendship she has and how special they all think she is. Thank you, VidDay!

Valerie Easton


Moved to tears...

I did a VidDay video for my husband's birthday! It was easy, fun and the best gift ever! He loved it and was moved to tears. I would recommend doing one for that special person in your life who has a special event and is hard to buy for. It would be great for any celebration. And don't worry if you are not tech savvy. They make it so easy and help you through it all. Thanks, VidDay!

Terese Tamminen


An amazing gift...

This was an amazing gift for my wife's 40th birthday, brought her to tears. Was so easy to use for myself and all of the respondents. Highly recommend.

Vipul Thakker


He laughed and cried...

I did a video for my husbands 50th birthday and it was absolutely wonderful! Family and friends shared funny stories and sweet sentiments. He laughed and cried through the entire thing! It was very user friendly and I would highly recommend it.

Shana Wurth


Highly recommend!

VidDay is amazing and easy to use! It saved the day for us when my mother-in-law turned 100. Highly recommend! Excellent customer service. A total winner!


Bernard John


Awesome birthday gift...

Awesome birthday gift for my husband. He absolutely loved it. Once he started watching the tears came and never stopped!!! Best gift to give and/or receive. Will definitely recommend and do again. Also so easy to do and the customer service is excellent. Thank you!!!!


Janet Bawden


A perfect keepsake gift...

I learned of VidDay from a friend wanting a video greeting for their mother's 80th and I used it for mine. She cried through the whole thing. Super easy to send the links to friends and family and they compile them all for you and send reminders out. You can switch up regular pics with videos throughout. Makes for a perfect keepsake gift. LOVED it!




The process was seamless...

The process was seamless and very user friendly. Chat support was immediate and thorough. The final product was great and made the birthday truly extra special. Would definitely use again!

Eileen Talisman-Garcia


VidDay is amazing!

VidDay is amazing! I created 2 videos for my husband’s birthday, and they were each perfect! I had a bunch of questions along the way (because I’m not exactly the most tech savvy person) and the people in the chat were extremely helpful, multiple times. I would highly recommend this company, the turn-around time was minimal given the size of the files, and they were extremely reliable. They deserve a 10+ rating!!

Mindy Lorenz


Everyone loved it!

VidDay was excellent! It was perfect for our international family to create a "video card" for my mother's 99th birthday. It's easy, affordable and the team on "chat" was patient and more than helpful in answering any question. The result, a touching and funny narrative thanks to all VidDay's stock pictures, Gifs, easy editing tools and the rest, it was fabulous. Everyone loved it!

Nancy Shields


Many happy tears...

VidDay is a beautiful way to connect loved ones from around the world! I put a video together for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. They were completely surprised and had many happy tears from watching all the memories and wishes submitted. Easy to use and fantastic end result. Thanks VidDay!

Kelly Anderson


Best gift ever!!

I made a video for my parents 40th wedding anniversary and it was amazing!! VidDay was easy to use and I would highly recommend them. The video was perfect and it was completed quickly. Best gift ever!! I will be making more video gifts.

Jennifer Buatti


They were so surprised...

We used VidDay to bring congratulatory messages to my elderly parents as they celebrated their 70th anniversary. It was wonderful for them to hear from family and friends over seven different states. They were so surprised, and thrilled. So heartwarming. VidDay makes it easy, fun, and affordable to capture and compile multiple video messages!

Chris McGrath


Turned out amazing...

Made a 16 minute video for mom and dad’s 60th anniversary. Well wishes were received from around the globe. Final product turned out amazing. Software is user friendly and well worth the $. I will use again for the next big occasion. Highly recommend.


Anne Harrigan


Exceeded my expectations...

This worked perfectly for a 50th anniversary gift. VidDay is easy to use for friends and family uploading videos and then also for the person that is compiling everything together. What a great company and product. The whole process exceeded my expectations and at a price better than I would have guessed!

Kevin Fogarty


An amazing present...

I made a video for my parents 50th and it was an amazing present. I’m so glad to have this service. I just completed my second video for a gymnastics banquet and I know it will be a hit! Lots of laughs and tears! Thanks so much to VidDay for your services!

CindyJoe Middleton


Highly recommend VidDay!

An absolutely amazing video for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary!! Wonderful customer service, they helped me and answered all my questions along the way!! I highly recommend VidDay! You will not be disappointed! Thank you all so much!!!

Ann Reilly


An INCREDIBLE platform...

VidDay is an INCREDIBLE platform for creating high quality media at an amazingly low price! I volunteer in a non profit with little budget to produce these types of videos. This is the second year we’ve used it to thank donors and it’s been a big hit. On top of that the staff is helpful, responsive and professional to any client needs every step of the way. Don’t think about it. Just use the product!

Celeste Gordon


I just love VidDay...

This is the 4th video I have made for a class teacher and I just love VidDay. It's so easy to set up, very easy for other people to upload their photos and videos and the results are always wonderful. Always brings a tear to the teachers' eyes watching the results! Highly recommend.

Sarah Darwin


Exceeded my expectations...

Exceeded my expectations. I procrastinated because I thought it would be a challenge to put all the videos/content together but it was just the opposite. The platform does all the work and you just submit/order the content. Our teacher was incredibly happy to receive the gift. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Williams


Amazing product!

Amazing product! Highly highly recommend. We made a video for Teacher Appreciation Week and the video montage was so good. This was so easy to put together and the customer service was in incredible when I had any issues!


Suchotliff Reed



We used this service to have students submit video and photos for Teacher Appreciation Week and made a video. IT WAS AWESOME. So easy to use and we were super happy with this service. Will def use it again.

Lara Khajetoorians Larkin


What a great keepsake...

This was an awesome graduation gift! I invited previous teachers, coaches and good friends and family to participate. I put a photo of my daughter when she was younger with each person and placed it before the video message. She was so moved and cried the whole time! What a great keepsake. Was very easy to use and reasonable! Highly recommend.

Amy Ellingson


It came out amazingly...

I’ve used this twice now and have loved the outcome both times. This will be my go-to for any slideshow related gift. Easy and love the pricing structure. UPDATE: I've now used this site a third time for a graduation slideshow. It came out amazingly. I had some questions this round and was easily able to use the chat features, for quick responses. There are plenty of opportunities to preview your slideshow prior to finalizing. I'm so glad I found this site!

Matt S


Exceeded my expectations...

I participated in a friend's video about one year ago. I thought it was a great idea and filed it away. I just finished organizing my first video gift for my niece's graduation. I added the VidDay editing option. The video exceeded my expectations and the turn around time (once the videos were submitted) was one evening! This was a great idea for including relatives from across the country, and we even added a blooper reel, too. I would definitely recommend VidDay.

Elizabeth Frye


It turned out great!

VidDay helped me to create a very touching milestone work anniversary video for my manager. It turned out great! Thank you.

Stephanie Handler


Highly recommended!

We used VidDay to collect some video and text messages from clients and team members around the world for our company's 20th anniversary. It worked beautifully — easy to do for everyone involved and at the end we got a brilliant video that captures glimpses of all the things we've done over these 20 years. Highly recommended! Thanks VidDay!

Elisabet Hearn


This is a great product...

This is a great product with great customer service. We had someone retire in our office and this was a great way for us to do something for them in which people from all parts of their career could easily contribute and we could make something very nice, AND it was so easy and required very little work from an administrative perspective. Finally I had two requests for the customer service team that I was worried about asking, but they took care of us so well.

Matthew Stevens


She loved the results...

Definitely what I had in mind for my wife's retirement party, but waaay better than I'd planned. This tool is so much easier than compiling videos on your own. She loved the results. Many tears. Thanks!

Lou Marzano


The quality was amazing!

VidDay was absolutely the best product for the money! I cant say enough good things about it. Today we shared a retirement video for my husband at his school. The quality was amazing! It was so easy to use! When I had questions while making the video, I used the chat function and they answered me right away. I am telling everyone about VidDay!

Bobbi Grzych


The end result is perfect...

Have made two videos now with VidDay, one for a retirement and one for a memorial. Highly recommend, it’s easy to use and the end result is perfect. I even had trouble with a coupon code working and they fixed it for me right away. The chat box is super helpful too! Love VidDay.

Kaiden Leist


Saved me a lot of stress!

We used VidDay to create a retirement video for my dad. It was so easy to use and the fact that I could just send out a link and not have to worry about collecting everything together myself was amazing. Definitely saved me a lot of stress! I will be recommending this service to anyone who wants to do something similar in the future.

Megan Kaiser


A very thoughtful gift...

I just did my second VidDay video. My latest was for my mom since I was going to be on vacation during mother's day. It is a very thoughtful gift that is very easy to create, costs very little and you can include people from all over the world.

Carolyn Schnelle


He loved it so much...

I would like to say, I've never seen my father enjoy a gift more than his VidDay. I've always known it was a powerfully heartfelt gift but to watch my dad tear up and also laugh hysterically was so incredible to watch. He loved it so much he immediately watched it again. All of you at VidDay are making magic in people's lives. Thank you.


Stephane Audette


What a beautiful tribute...

The process was so very easy and the result was more than I could’ve hoped for! My husband openly wept when he watched his Father’s Day video. What a beautiful tribute VidDay helped me to create for him.

Nancy Scott


Wow!! So easy!

Wow!! So easy! Fabulous service! Someone is always on hand if you need help. I highly recommend this to make wonderful video gifts. The finished product was amazing. Dad loved it!! A big big thank you to the VidDay Team!!!!

Carolyn Williams


Wonderful product!

Wonderful product! This was fast, efficient and easy to use with very professional results. We created the most amazing wedding video to go overseas in less that a week that was absolutely brilliant! Would recommend VidDay and use this again.


Jo Falcon


My whole family loved it!

This was the best surprise for my Dad before he underwent bladder cancer surgery. Our whole family lives all over the place and everyone wanted to wish him well. This was easy to request from people and was put together in hours all behind the scenes! All I had to do was arrange the slides! Loved the background choices and music selections. It was simple and not complicated at all. My Dad cried after he watched it. My whole family loved it and it was a way for everyone to feel together to support him. I cannot thank you enough — will treasure the VidDay video forever.

Kelly Stokesbary


VidDay makes it soooo easy...

I loved using VidDay to make a video for a dear friend fighting cancer. VidDay makes it soooo easy, they offer tons of support and everyone was happy with the completed video. I highly recommend VidDay!

Kathy Ginn Greer


Great app!

I used this app to pull together photos, videos and notes for my late sister's memorial service luncheon. I can't say enough about how well it works. And the support was FANTASTIC. I had lots of questions and I could always reach someone right away. At the end, I used the extra service to have one of their staff review the final video. The total cost was very, very low. Rave reviews are now coming in from people who could not attend the memorial. Great app!

Florence Zeller


VidDay was the answer...

I was impressed with every aspect of this experience! It is a time of grief having lost my mother, and I wanted to memorialize her in the most stress-free way possible. VidDay was the answer to my "How am I going to do this?”. The steps in making the video were straight forward, practical and I even had prompt support along the way, as my questions were answered through their chat service. VidDay was recommended to me and I will definitely be paying it forward!

Hadassah Yasharahla


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